01. What is the meaning of oil palm ?

Answer :

Oil palm also known as Elaeis guineensis Jacq. Elaeis comes from the word Elaion, in Greek it means oil. Guinensis is comes from word Guinea, the West Coast of Africa and Jacq is abbreviation of Jacquin, an American botanist.

Taxonomy of oil palm

Division     : Tracheopita

Sudivision   : Pteropsida

Class         : Monocotyledoneae

Ordo         : Cocoideae

Family       : Palmae

Subfamily   : Cocoideae

Genus       : Elaeis

Species      : Elaeis guineensis Jacq.

Varieties of Elaeis guineensis Jacq. quite a lot and usually classified in various ways. For example, distinguished by the type of fruit, the outer shape, thick shells, fruit color and others. Based on the color of the fruit of the species Elaeis guineensis Jacq, known varieties:

·    nigrescens: violet color to black fruit at a young age and turns orange after ripe fruit.

·    Virescens: green fruit when young and when ripe orange.

·    Albescens: a pale yellow light; translucent because they contain little carotene.

In nigrescens and virescens varieties found a fruit that has carpel (winged) and is known as Diwakka-Wakka.


02. Did PT. Socfin Indonesia is one of the official oil palm seed producers and how the market share ?

Answer :

PT. Socfin Indonesia is one of the oil palm seeds producers that are already well established and experienced. Officially became a manufacturer based S.K. Minister of Agriculture No. K.B. 320/261 / Kpts / 1984, dated May 7, 1984 with a wide range of domestic market, start from NAD to Papua, and has exported to overseas markets such as Latin America, Southeast Asia and West Africa / Middle.


03. What varieties that issued by PT. Socfin Indonesia?


PT. Socfin Indonesia issued three oil palm seed varieties are:

·    DxP Socfindo (L) based SK. Minister of Agriculture No. 440 / Kpts / LB.320 / 7/2004.

·    DxP Socfindo (Y) based SK. Minister of Agriculture No. 441 / Kpts / LB.320 / 7/2004.

·    DxP Socfindo MT Gano based Minister of Agriculture No. 4569 / Kpts/SR.120/8/2013.


04. What is the difference between DxP Socfindo (L) and DxP Socfindo (Y)?

Answer :

Fundamentally, the differences between the two varieties are at the character of growth and the number of bunches produced per year. DxP Socfindo (L) has raised a slow growth (average 45-50 cm / year) while DxP Socfindo (Y) has a moderate growth, namely (average 60 cm / year). Number of bunches produced for DxP Socfindo (L) are greater than DxP Socfindo (Y).


05. Why do both varieties DxP Socfindo (L) and (Y) remains developed and manufactured?

Answer :

These varieties are still developed and manufactured to complement each other. Mixing planting of both varieties can optimize the productivity, where the variety DxP Socfindo (Y) will produce more male flowers, so its will provide sufficient pollen sources to pollination the entire plant include variety DxP Socfindo (L) which more feminism (high sex ratio).


06 What are the characteristics and advantages of DxP Unggul Socfindo?

Answer :

  • Average FFB production : 28-32 tonnes / ha / year with potential for commercial production reached 40 TBS / ha / year (on the condition, age and specific location).
  • Average production MKS (CPO): 7-9 tons / ha / year with a total of palm products reach 10 tons / ha / year (CPO + PKO)
  • The average extraction of palm oil> 26% and palm kernel oil 4.2% Tenera> 99.9%
  • First harvest at the age of 24 months with the potential to produce 14 -20 tons / ha / year (at the age of 24 s / d 36 months after planting in the field, conditions and specific location).
  • Homogeneous growth to facilitate harvest activities.
  • The rate of growth is slow and moderate rising.
  • Power good for wide adaptation in dry land (specifically DxP Unggul Socfindo (L)) and in wetlands (combination DxP Unggul Socfindo (L) and (Y))
  • Resistant to Fusarium wilt disease and low incident of crown diseases and responsive to fertilization.
  • Iodine Value > 54
  • RBD Olein > 76.92%
  • B-carotene levels > 500 ppm

07.Did  variety DxP Socfindo has tested and well proven ?

Answer :

Yes, DxP Unggul Socfindo has been well tested and proven in trial and commercial plantation in Socfindo and Customer’s. The breeding programme has a long experience, more than 100-years experience since 1913. Since 1970 has been used breeding methods RSS (Reciprocal Recurrent Selection) which focused on the selection of the best origin, so the crossing results of DxP Socfindo will get the best potential. The superior seeds of Socfindo which produced from RSS method has been planted as commercially since 1970 in Socfindo plantation and other plantations company. It has proven successfully.

The germinated seeds which now commercialized is the result of the 3rd cycle through RRS or Reciprocal Recurrent Selection in which one cycle requires a minimum of 12 years of testing.

08. What is called a fake of oil palm seeds?


The fake oil palm seeds called illegitimate seed (illegal). It is an oil palm seeds which obtained from the unknown origin (illegitim). Usually, its obtained from commercial fruit (F1) so the result will get dura more than 25%, 25% pisifera (no fruit) and tenera only around 50%. It causes low productivity FFB and the lower oil extraction. There was many losses incurred from the use of the fake of oil palm seeds.

09. What breeding method which developed by PT. Socfin Indonesia?


Based on the history of oil palm breeding developed by PT. Socfin Indonesia is divided into two phases:

·      Before 1970: where breeding developed by mass and family fenotype selection (visual).

·      After 1970: develop breeding programs known as Reciprocal Recurrent Selection. The purpose of this selection program is simultaneously improve affinity (combining ability) of two groups of individuals A and B are characterized by:

Ø  Group A (dura Deli, Dabou and dura Socfin Malaysia) includes the type of oil palm which produces bunches slightly but with the heavy bunches, with a thin of fruit flesh, thick shell and a large nucleus and not has a fibers so the oil extraction will be low.

Ø  Group B (pisifera / tenera from La Me, Nifor, Yangambi and Socfindo) is a palm that produces many bunches but medium size and weight are relatively smaller and often undergo abortion (deciduous fruit), with fruit that has a thick flesh, but have not shelled circumference and core fibers are so small that high oil extraction.

10. Why the quality of the genetic source is so important if we want to plant a kind of plant ?

Answer :

The growth of plant is determined by three main factors, that is genetic factors, environmental factors and technical cultures, their interaction as shown in the following formula: plant growth = genetic (heredity) + environment + technical culture.


  • Additive
  • Non-Additive

The Environment:

  • Climate (temperature, light, humidity)
  • Soil (fertility rate, Physical, Chemical, Type)

Technical culture as treatment:

  • Human Resources
  • Planting pattern
  • Fertilization
  • Upkeep, etc.

Genetic factors are permanent effect on plant growth. Once we use the genetic makeup of an individual with good growth and we will get good results throughout a growing, upkeep and fertilization is done is at optimum condition. Instead, if we use the seeds with poor genetic quality then we will not get the expected results even though we have the upkeep and the cultivation well.


11. Why although we already use superior seeds we still have to do the optimum maintenance (upkeep) and fertilization?


There are three factors that affect the growth and productivity of oil palm, such as environmental factors, plant material, and technical culture. Of course, all three are interrelated and influence each other. All three of these factors are complementary, so if we do not do maintenance and fertilization as the technical culture aspect with good, the genetic potential of the plant will not be expressed or respond as expected.


12. What is the meaning of the genetic source or germplasm?


An individual or population where the propagation materials from seeds, buds, leaves or other vegetative parts taken. Commonly referred to as the mother plant, plus trees or the parent tree.


13. Why the planters should use material DxP Unggul Socfindo? And what are the basics of the selection criteria for superior plant material to be consumed?


DxP Unggul Socfindo only contributed input: 5-7% of the total cost of production, but the quality and characteristics is crucial in affecting the overall growth and productivity. The plant material (seeds) in addition to depending on the environment is also determined by its genetic characteristics. DxP Unggul Socfindo are obtained through a long-term breeding programs which are consistent and clear origin. DxP Unggul Socfindo also have a well proven and tested commercially after widely planted, and able to deliver results and good productivity growth, especially economically. Socfindo also allows customers to obtain information about the quality, procedures and processes acquire, security in the distribution and service after sales.


14. How to obtain DxP Unggul Socfindo?

Answer :

The standar to book varieties DxP Unggul Socfindo is easy. To book oil palm germinated seeds in Socfindo can be made by following step :

  1. Make a purchase order of germinated seeds or pre nursery seedling and addressed to:

Directors of PT. Socfin Indonesia

Up. Seed Sales & Marketing

Jl. K.L. Yos Sudarso No. 106 Medan, 20115

Phone 061-661 6066     Fax : 061-6614390

email : and

Or can be ordered through this website by clicking here.

  1. Make payment only through via account transfer PT. Socfin Indonesia, Bank Mandiri Cab. Imam Bonjol Medan Account Number : 105.0066.00005.4
  2. PT. Socfin Indonesia only has one outlet and do not have an agent / distributor or 3rd party to sell the seed.
  3. Customer complement the SP2BKS letter (Approval letter Oil Palm Seeds  Distribution) from government institution (Cq. Directorate General of Estate Crops or Plantation Department) as a complement.
  4. The entire handover seeds only done in the head office PT. Socfin Indonesia Jl. K.L Yos Sudarso No. 106 field during office hours.
  5. While the handover pre nursery seedlings in Tanjung Maria Estate (Serdang Bedagai Regency) and Aek Pamienke estates (North Labuhanbatu Regency).


15. Did PT Socfindo providing e-booking online to order germination seeds or pre nursery seedlings ?

Answer :

To simplify the customer, PT Socfindo has been providing e-booking system online to order products and services. Customers can access e-booking system at page e-booking.


16. How did the e-booking system online stage to order DxP Socfindo via online ?

Answer :

  1. Registration first
  • Online booking can only be done if the customer already has an User ID and login password. Please register here.
  • System will send the User ID and login password to the email address registered by the customer through the online registration.
  •  We expect customers to provide accurate information at the time of registration because it is very important to further facilitate our services.
  •  The accuracy of the information becomes the responsibility of the customer, so that in case of losses due to inaccurate customer information, then this is not the responsibility of PT Socfindo.
  •  If you are successfully login, so that the order can be performed.
  1. E-booking system
  • To make an order, customers can login to e-booking system di using the user ID and password registered.
  • Purchase order will be sent to the sales and marketing staff of PT Socfindo by e-mail from the e-booking system, customers will also receive a confirmation that the order was made has been sent, a confirmation sent via e-mail address that is registered by the customer.
  • Sales and marketing staff will follow up or respond the order by sending the order confirmation to the customer via the registered email address for the order subject order, either the price or other terms as well as the documents regarding the purchase.
  • After the entire document has confirmed complete, then the customer can perform the next step.


17. Did PT Socfindo also offering another product or services beside germinated oil palm seeds and seedling ?


Yes. Socfindo also offering  analytical laboratory services. Detailed information services and methods of analysis can be found here.

For reservations the analytical laboratory services, customers can perform the booking stage as described above. Please click here, so you can make an order.

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